Here at Roy Kutchey Greenhouse, we offer a very unique and awesome opportunity for groups. We offer a fundraising option to help groups acquire more opportunities for themselves. All the group must do is sell vouchers and we do all the rest. The group sells these particular vouchers and that person comes into the greenhouse to pick out what color of flower they want. By selling the voucher, this gives the buyer more options of flower choice and color when they come out to use the voucher, versus selling actual plants. This makes it so easy on school groups and clubs to sell product. There is also an option to sell actual flowers. You would place the flower order with us and schedule a time for us to deliver the plants to you, so that your group can pass them out to whoever bought them. There is only a select few of plants available to choose from. Those options are listed below. We offer vouchers for a wide variety of items and offer this fundraiser opportunity during all the seasons: Spring, Fall, and Winter. Give us a call for more information on the different fundraising opportunities.

Fundraiser available items -- If choosing from the selection of plants to be delivered:


Hanging Baskets



Pansy Mixed
Bacopa White
Steptocarpella Blue
Fuchsia Pink/Purple or Red/White
Nonstop Begonia Pink, Yellow, Red, Orange
Double Impatiens Pink, Red, White, Orange, Lilac
Ivy Germaniums Burgundy, Red, Pink
New Guinea Impatiens Red, Pink, Salmon
Wave Petunias Blue, Pink, Lavender
Germaniums Red, White, Violet, Pink
Verbena Deep Purple, Pink
Mixed Combo Baskets Mixed Colors (Sun/Shade)

10" Boston Ferns



Red, White, Violet, Pink, Salmon


Pansies Mix
Begonias Green Leaf Mix, Red Leaf Mix
Impatiens Burgundy, White, Red, Pink, Lavender, Mix
Petunias Pink, Blue, Red, White, Mixed
Marigold Yellow, Orange, Mixed

Combo Items 4" or 4 1/2"

Germanium Red, White, Violet, Pink, Salmon
Wave Petunia Blue, Rose, Lavender, Red
Gerbera Daisy Mixed
Springri Rye  
Vinca Vine  
Green Ivy