Roy Kutchey Greenhouse is a family owned and operated greenhouse since 1971. We are located in Midland Michigan about 5 miles north of the US 10 exit. Here at Roy Kutchey Greenhouse, we get our hands dirty for every planting season. We Grow everything onsite at one of our 25 greenhouses, so there is quality in every plant that we grow. We strive to make the greenhouses a family friendly atmosphere and fun for all ages with our seasonal products and friendly staff.

Roy Kutchey Greenhouses offers a unique custom planting service. We offer a variety of different services for the different seasons. In the spring time, customers can bring in their containers and we plant them up and hold them until the weather is warm. This also the plants to grow in the containers for a couple months and the customer gets instant gratification when they come to pick them up. The customer can bring in their own planting ideas, or we can use our creative skills to design a custom containers. Customers can choose any type of flower that we offer to create the picture-perfect container. Want a particular type of flower or foliage, just ask. If it is early enough in the season, we may be able to carry that particular flower or color just for you.  In the Winter Season, customers can drop off their containers, and we stuff them with different types of boughs to create a winter masterpiece. Customers can add bulbs or lights or ribbon and one of our hand tied bows to make the container perfect. We also offer custom front door wreaths too. Whether you just want a fancy hand tied bow, or you want all the bells and whistles, we can do it!

Fundraising is also a big thing here at Roy Kutchey Greenhouses. We offer the local schools, churches and 4-H’s the chance to sell flowers to raise money for their organization or goal in mind.  These organizations do this by selling a voucher for a flat or a handing basket or tub, in which they bring the voucher to the greenhouse and pick out whatever particular flower or color they had in mind. It saves the organization time and energy, by not having to deliver a whole bunch of product to people, and gives the people buying a change to pick out what color and flower that they desire. These fundraisers give a positive impact on the community and helps them out to achieve their goal. 

We are also a big part of the community from doing field trips for the local schools to do classes and talks about gardening or containers. Also for the past 10 years, we have been planting the flowers for the Eastman Road Project. We plant around roughly 600 flats in a greenhouse and then load trucks up and drive them down Eastman road. We all the help from the volunteers from the community, they help us unload the truck as we drive down the road.  We also participate in the zonal walk during the Christmas season. This is where we help decorate a house inside and out with Christmas greens and decorations. This could include everything from trees to wreaths, containers to garland even arrangements.

During the Winter season, Roy Kutchey is the official headquarters of your decorating needs. We offer everything from fresh cut Christmas trees and wreaths, fresh boughs, arrangements, hand tied bows, and cemetery items.  We understand that during the holidays things can get a little hectic and crazy, so we offer a free delivery service with the purchase a cemetery item in the allocated time and cemeteries.  We do a lot of custom orders during the holiday for wreaths and arrangements. No custom order is too big or too small, we can do it all. From simple to elegant. 

From the Roy Kutchey Family, thank you for purchasing from a local business. We strive to have a family friendly atmosphere and for the customer to have that picture perfect flower bed, garden, or container. Come out and talk to our knowledge staff for all of your gardening needs. From our greenhouse to your  We look forward to seeing you.